Shelby Power and Fitness

Welcome to Shelby Counties First and Best Cross-Training Gym.
Since 2012

 What is Cross-Training? 

Constantly Varied: Workouts are posted daily (with planned rest) that address the core components of health and athleticism (cardio-respiratory, endurance, strength, explosiveness, mobility/flexibility, body composition, musculoskeletal balance).

Massively Multi-Joint: A small but dedicated team of certified coaches will teach complex movements that simultaneously recruit huge numbers of muscle fibers through full ranges of motion. Why? For unparalleled caloric burn during the workout, in recovery, and long after workouts are complete (due to improved body composition). 

 Completely Scalable and Adaptable: Our members are  at all different points in there fitness journeys. With training goals ranging from competing regionally against professional athletes to those who want to maker sure that they can safely pick up their grandchildren without fear of injury. 

Community: If you want to change your life the best way to do it is to be around other people who are working towards the same goals. Our gym is a bit more laid back than comparable gyms, but our members tend to be internally motivated professionals of all ages who are striving to make their lives and world better. 
Come in. Have fun. Change your life!

320 Main Street, Shelbyville, KY 40065

 (502) 437-9055

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 5:00am-10:00pm
Classes: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30am
Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm

Cost: Membership-$55/month
Personal Training-$55/hour
Group Classes-Included in Membership